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X-Poilers X-Poilers 125: Zip it, Thanos!

X-Poilers X-Poilers 124: A Terra está esperando por sua heroína

X-Poilers X-Poilers 123: Who teaches us to be normal when we’re one of a kind?

X-Poilers X-Poilers 122: So send the Super Friends

X-Poilers X-Poilers 121: Where should we be looking for Zombie Jesus?

Paranerdia HunterCast 033 – Chupa DC Infinitamente!!

Paranerdia Paranerdia 124 – Realidades Alternativas

X-Poilers X-Poilers 120: The Spanish Inquisition just walked in

X-Poilers X-Poilers 119: Love isn’t gonna save us

X-Poilers X-Poilers 118: Everyone I fight is smarter than me, but no bad guy has beaten me yet

X-Poilers Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away

Paranerdia Nerd Maratonista 005 – Doctor Who S04E11 – Vire à Esquerda

Paranerdia HunterCast 032 – Marvel: Uma Cronologia nota 10 – Parte 2

X-Poilers X-Poilers 116: Welcome to madness

X-Poilers X-Poilers 115: Normal is overrated

X-Poilers X-Poilers 114: Yeah, because evil you is a pain in the ass to fight

Paranerdia Nerd Maratonista 004 – Doctor Who S04E10 – Meia Noite

X-Poilers X-Poilers 113: God loves zombies

X-Poilers X-Poilers 112: The plan is simple. Find God.

X-Poilers X-Poilers 111: I feel like relationships are complicated enough without time travel and supervillains

Paranerdia Nerd Maratonista 003 – Silêncio na Biblioteca e Floresta dos Mortos

Paranerdia HunterCast 031 – Marvel: Uma Cronologia nota 10 – Parte 1

Paranerdia Nerd Maratonista 002 – O Unicórnio e A Vespa

Paranerdia Paranerdia 123 – Os Últimos Jedi

Paranerdia Nerd Maratonista 001 – Doctor Who S4E6 – A Filha do Doutor

Paranerdia Paranerdia 122 – My Little Pony

X-Poilers X-Poilers 104: One batch, two batch, penny and dime

X-Poilers X-Poilers 103: We’re just three good people stuck in a really crappy situation.

X-Poilers X-Poilers: Superman, can we ask you some questions? It’s for our podcast

X-Poilers X-Poilers: What were you the god of, again?

X-Poilers X-Poilers 102: I just love a good pop culture reference on a moment of crisis

X-Poilers X-Poilers: Shame on me for having a human heart